The Best Hot Tubs for Small Spaces

Best Hot Tubs for Small Spaces

Purchasing a hot tub for your home comes with so many great benefits. From stress relief and hydrotherapy to water aerobics and muscle relaxation, a hot tub can significantly improve your quality of life, offering you a full relaxation experience from the comfort of your home. But often, hot tubs are presumed as too big or bulky, or people assume there aren’t hot tubs for small spaces available for purchase.

If you’re considering a hot tub but haven’t made a purchase because you’re worried about space, we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of hot tubs for small spaces available. Our selection of hot tubs ranges in size, allowing us to accommodate every space without sacrificing the amazing Cal Spas quality we’re known for.

If an inability to find a hot tub for your small space has prevented you from creating your at-home oasis, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for outdoor hot tubs for smaller spaces or are focusing on a hot tub that will fit inside, find one that will work with your space at Cal Spas.

Our favorite hot tubs for small spaces

While we have many lines of hot tubs that could work for small spaces, these two models of hot tubs – the Kona and the Hawaiian – are high-quality hot tubs perfect for your small space.

The Kona Model

Kona is a hot tub model that proves there is a great hot tub for small spaces. This model comes in a few different variations that all work well for smaller spaces. At 64″ X 84″ X 34″, these hot tubs are large enough to give you room to stretch out and relax while small enough to fit into your space.

Each model varies slightly, so there are plenty of options within this model alone to satisfy your need for a smaller tub.

Kona 3-Person

Our Kona hot tub is a 3-person hot tub that’s perfect for a smaller space. It includes a titanium heater and a multi-color LED spa light, making it an ideal hot tub for individuals or couples.

This type of hot tub creates a more intimate experience, allowing for solo relaxation or date nights. This tub also features 19 jets.

Kona Plus with 29 Jets

Who says you have to sacrifice added features in a smaller hot tub?

Get the best of both worlds in the Kona Plus, which includes a cascade waterfall feature! This hot tub is also equipped with a titanium heater and multi-color LED spa light, along with 29 jets. Up to four people can relax in this hot tub with its full-size lounger and two captain seats.

Kona Plus with 33 Jets

This final Kona model offers the optimal hot tub experience. This hot tub features a cascade waterfall and seating for four but includes 4 more jets, providing a perfect environment for loosening up sore muscles with hydrotherapy. This is an ideal hot tub if you want more seating for hosting friends but don’t want to sacrifice the number of jets.

The Hawaiian Model

If you have a little more space to work with, the Hawaiian models might be the best fit for you. By increasing the dimensions to 78″ X 78″ X 34″, you get a little more room while creating a different configuration best suited for hosting friends. Plus, the cut-out middle section is a great place to stretch or complete light workouts, like water aerobics, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Hawaiian 6-Person

This model features seating for 6 people – that’s right, 6! You definitely don’t have to sacrifice seating for a smaller space with this hot tub. Throw a fun-filled hot tub party with this great option.

This model includes 36 jets, making it ideal for melting away stress. With a full-size lounger, you can really spread out and unwind on your own, or fill up your hot tub with friends.

Hawaiian Plus with 28 Jets

If you’re looking for a slightly larger model that includes a waterfall feature, this hot tub is the one for you. You don’t have to sacrifice seating to get the waterfall of your dreams – this tub still comfortably seats 6 people.

Hawaiian Plus with 34 Jets

Don’t compromise on your hydrotherapy experience! This hot tub truly has it all. It’s decked out with 34 jets to make sure you’re fully relaxed, a waterfall to add to the ambiance, and 6 seats so you don’t have to sacrifice seating for other amenities. Whether you’re planning on inviting friends over for a hot tub party,  want a tub that will accommodate your entire family, or are just looking for a little more space to spread out, this hot tub has you covered.

Creating a relaxing environment

Your new hot tub is just the start of creating your perfect at-home oasis. You’ll need to select the perfect location for your tub, whether indoors or outdoors, to fully maximize your experience. If you’re searching for outdoor hot tubs for small spaces, consider where in your yard would be best to place your tub. You could also consider implementing beautiful landscaping options to create a more private relaxation sanctuary.

If you have additional space and want a private hot tub experience, consider checking out our available gazebos. We offer a mix of fully enclosed to open-air, so no matter your needs, we’ve got you covered.

There are options for everyone at Cal Spas

There truly are hot tubs for everyone at Cal Spas. We’ve got everything you need to create a relaxing environment from the comfort of your home, regardless of the space you’re working with. If you’re searching for your hot tub oasis, give us a call or stop into your local Cal Spas dealer to find the hot tub of your dreams.