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Below are a few helpful hints

Spa Facts

Spa Temperature Too Hot –

Your filtration settings can affect the temperature of your spa. During those hot summer months, turn down the filtration settings so they run for 2-4 hours every 12 hour cycle. More than this can cause the spa to heat up well past your desired setting.  Adding fresh cold water to the spa will help drop the temp rapidly.

Spa Will Not Hold Set Temperature –

Make sure you have the heating mode set properly. Many Cal Spas have 3 modes. Change these settings by pressing TEMP followed by LIGHT buttons. All 3 modes will rotate.

ST: Standard –

Spa will heat to set temperature, and maintain when heat is needed. This is the default setting.

EC: Economy –

Spa will heat ONLY during filtration settings. It will heat to the set temperature and the spa may cool down until the next filtration cycle. Heating will resume again in 12 hours.

SL: Sleep  –

Similar to EC mode, the spa will only heat during the filtration cycles of the spa. Sleep mode will only allow the spa to heat within 20 degrees of the set temperature.

LF (Low Flow) Error –

This indicates a water flow problem. Check your water level and clean your filter(s). Make sure all jets are open. Older filters can appear clean but over time they will restrict the water flow. Change your filter regularly.

SF (Safety Suction) Error –

This indicates when the vacuum switch closes. Check intakes and filter to make sure there is no obstruction or debris. Press any button to reset. If the error remains, the Safety Suction Switch should be replaced.

DR/DY (Dry) Error –

Insufficient water detected in heater. Check water level, clean filters. Make sure pump is primed. We find this error commonly after a water change. When filling your spa, place the hose where the filters would be. The water will flow into the motors and heater then fill the rest of the spa. This method of filling helps reduce the chance for an air-lock in your motors causing the DR error.

For more spa facts and advice, visit the Cal Spas troubleshooting guide.

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