Trade-In Program

Upgrade Your Spa with Our Hot Tub Trade-In Program

Whether your hot tub is leaking, broken, in disrepair, or just outdated, it’s time to replace it. If you need a hot tub upgrade but don’t want to deal with the hassle of disposing of your old one, our trade-in program can help you save time and money.

It’s no secret that purchasing a hot tub can be a pricey investment. At Cal Spas, we want to put quality spas into the hands of our customers at a great price, so we’ll take care of your old spa for you and give you a credit toward your new hot tub purchase.

If you’re looking to upgrade your hot tub, we’ve got you covered.

Hot Tub Trade-In Program Details

We make it as easy as possible to switch out your old spa for a new, high-quality Cal Spa. Check out the details of our trade-in program:

  1. Come in and pick out your brand-new Cal Spa. Our showrooms make it easy to figure out which hot tub will be your perfect fit.
  2. We will mark down your spa of choice by $1,500 off our already low sale price in return for your trade-in. That’s right, $1,500 off any spa you choose! This makes it easy to find a hot tub that best fits your needs and is in your price range.
  3. We’ll remove your old clunker and deliver your new spa free of charge. Regardless of the state of your spa, working or not, Cal Spas will take it off your hands.*

This program comes with so many benefits – not only do you get a highly discounted rate on your next spa, you get your old hot tub taken care of for you. It’s truly a win-win!

You might be wondering what kind of condition your spa must be in to fit the trade-in deal. That’s the best part – even if your old clunker has stopped working or is in awful condition, we’ll take it.

Perks of Upgrading Your Hot Tub

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it to replace your hot tub, here are some of the many benefits of upgrading your hot tub.

Focus on Relaxation

One of the most obvious benefits of upgrading your hot tub is having a dedicated space for relaxing. To completely immerse yourself in a relaxing spa experience, you need to have a fully functional hot tub tricked out with the right number of jets, enough seats for everyone in your family, and any other amenities you might prefer. Finding that perfect new hot tub is easy with Cal Spas’ wide selection.

Increase Quality Time with Family

There’s nothing like a hot tub to bring the family together! If your current hot tub isn’t working or is outdated, this is your sign to invest in something that every member of your family can enjoy. Create a space free of screens and distractions to dedicate quality time with the entire family.

Prioritize Self-Care

It’s 2023 — are you putting yourself first? Taking the time to relax during or after your work day in your hot tub is a great way to take mental breaks and reset your mind. A new hot tub might be the perfect solution to improving your physical and mental health. You can use your spa to exercise, stretch, or just soak. It gives you a timeout from the rest of your busy life.

Create a Space for Hydrotherapy

Whether you’re an athlete, work out often, or have sore muscles and back pains for other reasons, a hot tub can improve muscle aches and pains. Stretch and move around in your spa to relax those sore muscles and find relief.

Escape from Winter

Minnesota winters seem to go on forever, and whether you’re a big fan of winter or not, we can all agree that the cold gets old. A hot tub is a place to take refuge from the cold and warm up your body, giving you a reason to enjoy the winter months. Our hot tubs can be used year-round, and we sell covers that will insulate your hot tub from the cold. Your next hot tub can help you endure the long, cold winter.

Host Hot Tub Parties

A hot tub can provide a great place for a social event. For your next get-together, invite your friends over for a hot tub party. You can play hot tub games, have drinks, or just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Upgrade with Cal Spas

If you’re wondering what the catch is, there isn’t one. At Cal Spas, we’re on your side. We want to find you the best spa for your lifestyle while removing the stress of uninstalling and disposing of your old spa. We’ll also deliver your new hot tub free of charge in most situations. Let us take the hard work off of your shoulders so that you can get straight to relaxing in your brand-new spa – start the hot tub trade-in process today by contacting us or by stopping into your nearest Cal Spas location.

*Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.
*Crane, long-range or difficult deliveries may incur a delivery charge.