Hot Tub Date Night! How to Plan Your Romantic Experience

Smiling couple in hot tub with candles nearby

Even if you use your spa on a daily basis, you can still create an entirely new hot tub experience with a little planning. Setting the scene for a romantic evening with your loved one can be fun and is well worth the effort.

Here’s how to plan the perfect romantic hot tub date night.

Invite your date

Actually ask your loved one on a date! This night is all about creating a romantic atmosphere, and it starts with setting the intention and extending the invitation. Adding a small touch of formality just makes it more special — bonus points if you make a homemade invitation.

Design an intimate space

Think of things that will make the area more comfortable and inviting. Comfortable seating near the hot tub, a fire pit, plush robes and towels — any amenity that will enhance your experience. Extra-luxurious additions could include things like faux fur throws and even rose petals sprinkled in and around the hot tub.

Create a romantic playlist

Music is a must for any romantic date night. You can choose to play a premade romantic playlist on a streaming service like Spotify or Pandora or curate your own. If your hot tub has an advanced entertainment system, even better!

Add some mood lighting

There are so many ways to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere using lights:

Don’t forget to take natural light into account. You could strategically plan your hot tub date night right before sunset or during a full moon.

Prepare some refreshments

Plan some light bites such as strawberries, hummus, a meat and cheese tray, or sweets like cheesecake bites to snack on. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you could prepare a meal to enjoy al fresco before or after your soak. Wine or champagne is a natural choice — just remember to also have water on hand.

Relax and enjoy your date

There you have it! Follow these simple tips to set yourself up for a romantic and memorable evening.

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