Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas: Plants for Privacy

A hot tub can be a great place to connect with family, friends, and even neighbors. On the other hand, some people would prefer for their spa to be a private retreat. After a tough day, you need a space where you can unwind and release the stress from your body.

A fence might seem like the most obvious way of keeping unwanted neighbors from hovering. Depending on your budget, space, homeowners associations, and your yard’s aesthetic, you might not want to install a fence.

Whether it’s vining flowers, bushes, or trees, smart landscaping can assist you in creating an at-home spa sanctuary.

Spa Landscaping Ideas

Selecting the best for your spa starts with the spa itself. Cal Spas of Minnesota features sleek styling and durable cabinets, with several choices to complement your aesthetic and home.

Prior to selecting colorful plants to complement your graphite gray or trying to figure out what color looks best with the espresso–your hot tub landscaping design begins with your hot tub location.

For your hot tub foundation, we recommend a reinforced concrete pad that is able to support the weight of your spa when filled with water. Maybe you already have an existing patio that offers the perfect home for your spa. If you are planning to install a foundation, a simple pad with a thin border of pea gravel for drainage can open up tons of landscaping opportunities to create your at-home sanctuary.

Once your hot tub is in place, take in the view and see spots where you need to add trees or bushes for privacy. Also, note the spots where the landscape design needs to be filled in–whether it’s with lush hostas or a colorful display of phlox.

You might consider extending existing flower beds to surround your spa–creating a seamless look. Blending the hot tub in with the landscape can create a sense of privacy.

Best Plants for Privacy

There are tons of creative ways to landscape around your spa–a trellis covered in colorful clematis, some slender cypress trees to offer year-round appeal; these landscaping ideas, among others, are an attractive way to offer privacy to your space.

The ideal plants for privacy will be lush and tall, protecting your spa from view. Popular choices include clematis, climbing roses, and hedges. When looking for privacy landscaping in Minnesota, it’s important to ensure the plants can withstand the bitter winter cold.

Consider how the plants will look during the colder months without their leaves. Some great options for year-round privacy and appeal:

  • Lilac
  • Pyramidal Arborvitae
  • Nanking Cherry
  • Paleleaf Barberry

Ready for Relaxation?

With your hot tub in place, you’ll be able to take in the view and notice spots where you need to add bushes, plants, or trees for privacy. You can also spot where the landscape design needs more, whether with a colorful blanket of phlox or lush hostas.

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