6 hot tub games to try at your next party

6 hot tub games to try at your next party

Anyone who’s spent time relaxing or socializing in a hot tub knows just taking a soak is an absolute blast, but what if you wanted to take it a step further? Hot tub games can be a great way to add even more fun to the experience, especially if you’re hosting a larger group of family or friends for a party.

Here are 6 hot tub games sure to turn your next aquatic gathering into fun for you and all your guests.

Waterproof cards and board games

Why leave the fun on dry land? Waterproof playing cards are the perfect way to bring your favorite games into the hot tub with you. Pairing cards with a floating surface to serve as a table works great, as do waterproof board games like checkers and chess.


You’ll need two teams for this game, as well as one floating object in the middle of the tub (to serve as the “puck”). The goal of hot tub hockey is for each team to try and make the puck touch the opposing team’s wall without any of the players touching the puck. You can splash or blow to try and advance the puck, but touching is expressly prohibited.

Set a score or time limit and play until one of the teams is victorious. For added difficulty, you can outline a smaller goal on the wall for each team to aim for.

Ping Pong Outbreak

For this game, you’ll need up to five ping pong balls to place in the tub. The goal is for each player to avoid being touched by any of the balls without taking his or her feet off the bottom of the hot tub. If a ball touches a player, they’re out of the game.

To make things more interesting, you can add another ball to the hot tub every time a player is eliminated.

Cold Shower

Start by filling a water balloon with freezing cold water, making sure the balloon is almost as full as it can be without overflowing or popping. Each player should take a seat on the edge of the hot tub and take turns passing the balloon around and holding it above his or her head for five seconds.

Eventually, the balloon will randomly burst, soaking one unfortunate player in freezing cold water. Cold Shower is a fun and exciting hot tub game for all ages.

Celebrity Alphabet

This game doesn’t specifically have to be played in a hot tub, but it’s a popular setting for it as it requires no waterproof equipment and is something essentially everyone can play. Start with one player naming a celebrity of their choosing. Then, the player directly to his or her left must name a celebrity whose first name starts with the letter of the previous celebrity’s last name.

For example, if the first player said, “Tom Hanks,” the second player could then say, “Harrison Ford.” Then the next player could say “Frank Sinatra,” and so on. If a player can’t come up with a celebrity’s name in 15 seconds, they are eliminated.

Hot Tub Pong

This may be considered more of an adult game due to its beer pong-related roots, but it is a game kids can play too if you remove the alcohol. Start by placing cups on the edge of the hot tub with a wall or hot tub cover serving as a sort of backboard.

Each player takes turns shooting three balls per turn, trying to make each ball into one of the opposing players’ cups. If a ball goes into your cup, it’s your turn to drink. If the shooter doesn’t make any balls in any cups, it’s their turn to drink. And so on.

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