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In-Home Seminars

In-Home Seminars – FREE with Your New Cal Spa

Spa ownership is easier than ever, but to make sure every new spa customer is 100% comfortable and happy with their new relaxation machine, all new Cal Spa customers receive an optional FREE IN-HOME spa seminar.

Cal Spas will send an experienced spa technician to your house, as soon as possible after the spa is up and running, to walk you through everything you’ll need to know, and to answer any questions you may have.

*Seminar must be schedule within 30 days of delivery.

*Seminars within 50 miles only.

In-Home Seminars – $145

Some people acquire spas from family or friends, or move into a house that has an existing spa.

For those people, we offer the same great seminar described above for a reasonable $145.  Well worth it if you want to be a confident spa owner.

To schedule your In-Home Seminar, just call service at 763-512-7727 ext 3.

*Seminar must be scheduled within 30 days of delivery.
*Seminars within 50 miles only.

Hot Tub Spas

We never owned a spa before so it was very reassuring to know our new Cal Spa came with some extra hand holding. We got a “Hot Tub 101” class right in our own backyard.

J. Hollenbeck, Minnesota