How to Throw the Ultimate Minneapolis Hot Tub Party

Group of seniors splashing in the hot tub

Hosting a hot tub party is one of the best ways to bring your family and friends together to enjoy the Minneapolis summer. No outdoor party is complete without a hot tub, but it is undeniable that some parties are better than others.

Here are 6 key tips to make sure your summer hot tub party is the party to remember!

Plan your party food and drinks

You’ll want to have snacks and drinks for your party and a plan for dinner if it’s being served. (Tip: If your party will be snacks only, make sure your guests know that.)

If you want snacks for the hot tub, make hot tub friendly appetizers by avoiding foods that are crumbly, runny, or require utensils. Vegetable, fruit, and cheese platters are easy and universally liked. Stock up with candy and nuts on the side for easy snacking. In general, try to avoid people bringing food into the hot tub. And no glass — if it breaks in the hot tub, party’s over. 

Barbecuing is a summer party staple and a great way to cook dinner for large parties. After everyone has had snacks and drinks, the party can move indoors or to a picnic table for everyone to sit and enjoy the food. 

Offer water and other non-alcoholic drinks (in plastic cups) since the hot tub can dehydrate people quickly. If you offer alcoholic beverages, hydrate with water at the same time. 

Have activities in addition to the hot tub

Most of your guests will likely take breaks from sitting in the hot tub. After soaking in the hot tub for a bit, invite your friends to play some games. Purchase floating games or waterproof cards to play games in the hot tub and have lawn games on the side. Lawn games such as corn hole, horse shoe, or Bocce ball are easy and fun ways to engage people of all ages and abilities. 

Queue the party music

Think about the music you want to play beforehand and what your guests will like. Add the songs to a playlist or play a station with the genre that fits your party. Involve your guests by asking them what their favorite songs are to add to the playlist. 

Invitations for your hot tub party

You may want to invite all your friends and their plus ones, but a hot tub is going to limit your list significantly. You want everyone to be able to comfortably sit in the hot tub together, so think carefully about the number of people to invite. 

If you’re planning for a larger gathering, have lots of other activities to keep people occupied while they are not using the hot tub. 

Have extra amenities on hand

Be prepared for people who have forgotten a towel or sandals by having extras. A good rule of thumb is to have double the amount of towels that you think you may need — people misplace towels and get them wet quickly, so extras will be welcome.

It’s also a thoughtful idea to have extra bathing suits for those who didn’t originally think they would get in but decide to later on. 

Invest in hot tub accessories

If you love to throw hot tub parties or have guests over often, invest in accessories for your tub to make the space more comfortable. Gazebos, couches, and bar tops are great additions to make your hot tub more party-friendly and interactive. Fun string lighting can also add a lot of ambience and is an affordable way to dress up and illuminate the space.

A hot tub party is a great way to entertain your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. At Cal Spas we are dedicated to helping you find the right spa to entertain your guests. Stop by a showroom or contact us today for more information!