Hot Tubs Don’t Have to Be Hot! 3 Reasons to Cool Off in Your Spa

Hot tub on wooden deck with view of woods

Contrary to what you may think, you can use your hot tub all year round — even in the hottest parts of summer. In fact, your hot tub can be a great way to cool off!

By turning your hot tub’s temperature to a lower setting you can enjoy the benefits of a refreshing soak when temps run high. This way your hot tub can provide the best of both worlds.

Here are 3 reasons you should use your hot tub to stay cool this summer.

Mother and son together in a kiddie pool

Spas can replace ugly kiddie pools

Remember that blow up pool you had when you were a kid? The one you, your siblings, and the family dog always fought for a spot in that ended up gross and dirty?

You can do better.

With a hot tub, everyone in the family can have a comfortable spot in a cool, clean spa. No more sharing with Fido.

A spa is a practical alternative to a pool

Speaking of pools, a hot tub or swim spa offers a much more affordable alternative to a traditional pool with far less maintenance.

Many homeowners who want the health and recreation benefits of a pool without all the money and trouble are opting for swim spas instead. Hot tubs and swim spas take up less space, are easier to install, and are better at retaining their value.

Woman with closed eyes relaxing in a hot tub

Spas are the perfect way to relax

Whether warm or cold, soaking in a hot tub is the perfect reward for tired muscles after yard work, a run, or a just a long day of running errands.

Reenergizing your mind and body and boosting your circulation are just a couple of the many health benefits of hydrotherapy hot tub owners enjoy. Regular dips in a spa can ease arthritis, speed up recovery, lower stress levels, and more.

Keeping your hot tub spa cool

Hot tubs are insulated (unlike pools), so once you’ve settled on a temp you like, whether warm or cool, maintaining it is much easier to achieve.

Turn down the temperature on your hot tub and give it some time to adjust. You can also add some fresh, cold water to help drop the temp more rapidly. Running the jets can help to cool the water — this works especially well in the cooler evening air.

Using a cover on your hot tub when it’s not in use and keeping it shaded when in use will help to retain the temperature. Depending on where your spa is installed, shade might be hard to come by, but a patio umbrella could do the trick.

Covana gazebos can work double duty here because they are hot tub covers and gazebos in one convenient, automated unit.

Keep cool this summer in the luxury of a refreshing hot tub spa. To visit a showroom, learn about our hot tub trade-in program, or schedule hot tub services, contact the spa experts at Cal Spas of Minnesota!