Can a Hot Tub Help Improve Your Sleep Quality?

couple relaxing in hot tub

Sleep is one of the most under-rated elements of a healthy life. 50-70 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation at least two nights a week–millions of others fail to get enough restorative sleep within their 8 hours. It’s easy for these individuals to feel like life is just a slog from one exhausted state to the next.

Sleep deprivation has been researched for decades. The findings show that there are an array of different health issues causing sleep disorders; such as depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

Sleep specialists have many recommendations for improving the odds of restful sleep–including proper exercise and nutrition, retiring for the night in a dark room without distractions, and having a calming nighttime ritual.

A proven calming nighttime ritual is soaking in a hot tub. Hot tubs have successfully facilitated sleep in these three ways:

1. Relaxation

The heat, combined with water and massaging jets, allows your body to relax both physically and psychologically. A good hot tub soak loosens up our joints and muscles and allows us to forget any stressors we had from the day. Allowing yourself to float will take pressure off all your body parts–deepening your pre-bedtime relaxation. Immerse your body in a spa and allow the heat to seep into your pores and wash away all tension. Just be sure you don’t fall asleep in the hot tub!

Sleep experts also recommend avoiding cell phones and other electronics before bed so that we may clear our minds and sleep. An added benefit of soaking in your hot tub is that it’s not electronic friendly, which will allow you to lose yourself in the moment and relax completely.

2. Added Heat

While we sleep, our temperature drops as most of our bodies’ functions slow down or cease. Soaking in a hot tub 90 minutes before bedtime heats up your body, which begins cooling upon exit. As your body cools, it enters a state similar to sleep. This sends signals to your brain that bedtime is near. A study by the Journal of Physiological Anthropological Applied Human Science shows that soaking in warm water an hour or so prior to bedtime led to participants falling asleep faster, moving less during their slumber, and entering deeper states of REM sleep.

3. Pain be Gone

Restful sleep can be difficult enough without the added preventative of pain. The heat of a hot tub, combined with the massage jets and the effect of buoyancy, helps relieve the body of pain and drive lactic acid out of the muscles.

Immersing in a hot tub for only 15 minutes roughly an hour-and-a-half before bed can ease the pains that interfere with your comfort and restful sleep.

An Added Bonus

While hot tubs help us sleep, they also help us wake up! A quick morning soak after a restful night’s sleep wakes the heart and other muscles. The heat also limbers up your body, which is a great way to prepare for the day ahead.

Ready to Improve Your Sleep and Quality of Life?

If you are among the millions of Americans struggling with sleep deprivation, a hot tub just might be the fix you’ve been looking for. A good soak combined with a quality mattress and pillow, and a sleep mask can go a long way. Want to learn more about the health benefits of hot tubs? Stop by one of our Cal Spas locations or contact us today.