6 hot tub toys you need to try for family fun

6 hot tub toys you need to try for family fun

With schools and activities closed all across the country, many families are running desperately low on ways to keep their children engaged day in and day out. Whether you have toddlers, teenagers, or any age in between, you’re no doubt in need of new ways to get their energy out in a safe and socially distanced way. If you haven’t done so already this year, this is the perfect opportunity to pop off the cover of your Cal Spas hot tub and get outside for some fresh air fun.

In order to maximize your family time, you’re going to need some exciting new toys and hot tub games to hold their attention. Here are six fun water toys for your family to try (that can all be ordered online and won’t break the bank).

Toys for younger kids (Recommended age: 2-10)

ABC Rubber Duckies

Bring back tried-and-true toddler tub-time fun with this colorful cast of 26 rubber duckies. Your young child can begin to learn letter recognition, colors, animals, and occupations as they enjoy some family float time in the hot tub with these timeless toys. And if you line them up in a circle, you could even have them play a big game of duck, duck, grey duck (yes, that is the superior version and we will proudly fight you on that point).

Battery Operated Swimming Doll

If your child can’t go anywhere without a doll in their hand, then this is the perfect hot tub toy for you. This swimsuit and goggle-clad doll not only floats on the water, she even swims across it with the help of a few AAA batteries. It’s only a matter of time before your little one will want to learn to swim right alongside her!

Magnetic Fishing Set

Water fun isn’t complete without catching a few fish. Cast out your lines with the two magnetic-tipped fishing rods, complete with working reels to haul in your catch. This set also includes two fishing nets, a drawstring bag for fast drying, and 30 colorful marine animals, ranging from fish and sharks to crabs and sea turtles. Just be sure to put up a “Gone Fishing” sign on the side of your hot tub first.

Toys for older kids (Recommended age: 5+)

Floating Basketball

Beat the buzzer and the heat this summer with the Go Sports Splash Hoop 360. This floating hoop is the perfect offseason training for the most diehard athletic families. This easy-to-assemble, quality-constructed hoop also comes with two waterproof basketballs and an air pump for non-stop fun. This addition to your hot tub repertoire is sure to be a slam dunk for the whole family!

Foam Water Blasters

Does every soak in the hot tub eventually turn into a splashing battle with your family? Then step up your game by equipping every family member with a Max Liquidator Water Blaster. This 6-pack of colorful foam pool noodles comes with a surprise twist. Simply pull back the handle to load the cannon with water, take aim, and force the handle forward to blast your opponent with warm water!

Uno: Splash

When your family is ready to wind down a bit, that’s the perfect opportunity to bust out the classic card game Uno. This special edition comes with durable, waterproof cards and a handy clip to keep all the cards together. When played on a floating game table, you’re sure to have hours of competitive family fun—just don’t forget to yell “Uno!”

Take your family fun to new heights with Cal Spas

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