Why Winter Is a Great Time to Buy a Hot Tub

How owning a hot tub can improve your family life

Buying big ticket items like a car or a hot tub takes a fair amount of research and consideration. Beyond the basics like your budget and preferences for features, when to make your purchase is an important decision. Winter might not seem like the best time of year to buy a hot tub, but the advantages might surprise you.

Here are the top 3 benefits of buying and using a hot tub in winter.

1. You Can Score Some Seasonal Savings

The time of year you buy something can make a big difference. Cars, for example, are smart to buy in the winter because dealers want to clear out old inventory to make room for new model launches in spring. New models of hot tubs also come out in spring, so you might be able to grab some deep discounts if you shop when the temperatures drop.

When Do Hot Tubs Go on Sale?

Look for deals starting as early as October spanning through March. Don’t forget to look out for special promotions and holiday sales.

2. Hot Tubs Make Great Winter Activities

Some people assume hot tubs are only for the warmer months, but winter is arguably the best time to enjoy your hot tub! Hot tubs provide some fun outdoor recreation for families and friends during the frigid Minnesota winter months. If you need a break from sledding — or just got back — a dip in a hot tub could be just what the doctor ordered.

Tip: Make sure you carefully consider location when installing a hot tub you intend to use in winter. You don’t want to trudge through snow to get to your soothing soak, so install your hot tub near a door to your home.

3. Hot Tubs Provide Lots of Health Benefits

Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. These benefits can be even greater in the winter when stressors like SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or holiday pressures start to creep in. Winter activities such as shoveling snow, clearing ice, or just traveling in wintry conditions can also put added stress on your body that a hot tub can help alleviate. Merely sitting in your hot tub lowers blood pressure, alleviates inflammation, and can even burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk!

Tip: Getting regular exercise can be more challenging in the winter, especially if you are an outdoor runner or cyclist. Even traveling to your local gym might not seem as appealing on icy roads. Fortunately, there are many exercises you can do in your hot tub to improve your overall health, and water exercises are much easier on muscles and joints.

When Should You Buy a Hot Tub?

While the timing really depends on when you’re ready to make a purchase, certain times of year like winter provide specific perks. If you aren’t sure if the time is right or need help selecting a model, reach out to our friendly sales team. As the leading hot tub dealer in Minneapolis-St. Paul, we’re always here to help!