New Years Resolutions to Keep in 2022


Welcome to 2023! It’s been a little over a week since we rang in the new year–this means for many, that a week has passed since setting any New Year’s resolutions.

Some popular resolutions for the last couple of years according to Ipsos are:

But as inspired and hopeful as we can be at the start of a new year, statistics continue to show that most people are not successful in achieving these goals. In fact, according to Psychology Today, almost 25% of New Year’s resolutions made will be broken within the first week of the year.

Is this because of a lack of discipline? Not exactly. Could the solution be that we need to reframe our resolutions from being focused on a better us, to how we can live an all-around better life? Definitely.

Thinking of these goals as something that will make us happier, rather than deprived can help us set up the small steps needed for success. We have some simple, attainable resolutions you’ll want to keep throughout 2023.

Reduce Stress

There is no doubt that we, as a country, are stressed.

It can be difficult to eliminate the things that cause stress in our lives–finances, family, work, etc. Instead, it’s important to focus on finding ways to manage that stress.

Spending just 20 minutes in a spa in the evening is proven to lower stress levels and anxiety. A hot tub allows you to relax both physically and mentally. Hydrotherapy massage is just one way a spa can help you prioritize self-care in 2023.

Sleep Better

Who doesn’t want more sleep? Or at least, higher quality sleep? Not only does sleep help us feel more refreshed and ready to conquer the day, but it is also a major factor in overall health. Improving your sleep habits in the new year can increase your overall happiness.

A soak in a hot tub before bed can reduce pain, ease tension, and cause changes in body temperature–all of which will help you get quality sleep. In a study by the Journal of Physiological Anthropological Applied Human Science, they found that soaking in warm water about an hour prior to your desired bedtime will lead to falling asleep faster, moving less during your slumber, and deeper states of REM sleep.

Connect with the Outdoors

If you want to improve your overall health, an easy way is to simply go outside more.

Spending time outside typically leads to more social and physical activity–which helps improve your overall health. Additionally, fresh air and Vitamin D are beneficial in themselves.

You’re more likely to keep resolutions that make you feel good and getting outside feels good. So if your busy schedule doesn’t allow for a couple of hour hike or a nature walk, you can still make it outside. You will feel the benefits of the outdoors without compromising your schedule by spending 20 minutes in your spa per day–even when it’s freezing cold in Minnesota. If you’re looking for exercise outdoors, your hot tub can help with that too!

Don’t Have a Hot Tub? We Can Help Resolve that too!

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