10 ways a hot tub can improve your physical health

10 ways a hot tub can improve your physical health

Hot tubs and swim spas have long been known for their relaxation and entertainment benefits—but did you know there are tons of physical health benefits too? Before you write off hot tubs as just another unnecessary luxury item, take a look at these 10 incredible ways they can improve your body’s well-being.

1 .  Warm water therapy relieves many kinds of pain

A good, long soak in a hot tub can work wonders when it comes to pain management. Here are several of the different kinds of aches, pains, and long-term discomforts that warm water immersion can help with:

  • Joint pain: The warm waters ease inflammation while at the same time taking the strain off your joints by supporting your buoyant limbs in the water.
  • Back pain: Not only do the powerful jets provide a massaging relief to your lower back, they also help release any built-up tension in order to relax tight, achy muscles.
  • Muscle pain: Hot tubs can soothe more than just the muscles in your back. Leg cramps, neck spasms, and abdominal pain are just a few of the many examples that can be alleviated.
  • Arthritis: The Arthritis Foundation has long touted the many benefits of warm water therapy as a natural way to loosen stiff joints and relieve tired muscles.
  • Headaches: Hydrotherapy is an incredibly effective way to combat even the most severe of headaches and migraines, not to mention the stress and tension that may be causing them.
  • Fibromyalgia: Similar to arthritis, the warm water of a hot tub can help assuage achy joints, tense muscles, inflammation, and other common symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • PMS cramps: Many prominent OB-GYN doctors suggest applying heat as a cure for cramps, as it helps circulate blood flow and subsequent relief to the pelvic region.

2 .  Hot tubs can also lower your blood pressure

It’s not uncommon to see posted signs at public spas and health clubs warning patrons to consult their doctor to check if they have hypertension, heart disease, or other preexisting conditions prior to use. However, according to a recent study, there was very little data to support this age-old precaution. In fact, the majority of hot tub users actually lower their blood pressure once their bodies become acclimated to the heat.

3 .  Soaking promotes better circulation

The heat of the water causes your body temperature to rise, which slowly opens up the blood vessels. This allows for an increased blood flow, which supports cell growth, heart health, and a myriad of other benefits all over the body.

4 .  Hot tubs can help with weight loss

Believe it or not, sitting in a hot tub can actually burn off some of those pesky calories. While it definitely shouldn’t be used as a substitute for diet and exercise, it can be a great complementary activity. In fact, a 150 lb. person can burn nearly 70 calories just by sitting in a hot tub for one hour!

5 .  They aid in faster recovery from injuries

Note: Use ice/cold to treat injuries or pain before using heat to heal, including swelling or inflammation (such as a swollen ankle or knee). The cold will reduce blood flow to the area, reducing swelling and pain.

Once the swelling and inflammation is under control, it’s time for a soak. The warm water will help speed your healing time as it dilates the blood vessels and allows for new blood to flow to the injured area.

6 .  Warm water can increase kidney function

Some studies suggest that regular warm water therapy can help improve kidney health, increase renal function, and even reduce edemas.

7 .  It can also decrease symptoms of diabetes

We’ve already discussed how hot tub therapy helps with stress management, weight loss, and improved sleep, so it should come as no surprise that the combination of these benefits also leads to lower blood sugar levels and a resulting decrease in other diabetic symptoms.

8 .  Immersion therapy improves respiratory health

There’s a very good reason many athletes use water-based exercise as part of their regular training regime. Being immersed in water increases blood flow to the respiratory region and the added pressure of the water compresses the chest cavity, forcing the lungs to work harder and become more efficient.

9 .  Hot tubs help foster healthier bones

Regular hot tub usage can help regenerate blood vessels lost to trauma and increase blood flow throughout the body. This is the vital nutrient delivery system that allows new bone tissue to be formed, and is the—ahem—backbone of skeletal health.

10 .  You’ll also leave with cleaner skin

Like a nice bath or shower, the warm water of a hot tub helps with detoxification and the removal of dead skin and built-up grime. That certainly explains the clean, refreshed feeling you get after a nice, long soak.

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