Can a Hot Tub be the Answer to Dealing with Your Anxiety?

relaxing in hot tub

Anxiety is extremely common in today’s world. Around the world, roughly 40% of disability is due to anxiety and depression. So many of us are dealing with this condition that can affect every aspect of our lives. There are lots of different ways to deal with anxiety–regular soaking in a hot tub can provide some much-needed relief.

The Soothing Impact of a Spa Soak

Hydrotherapy to relieve stress has been utilized for thousands of years. Entering the warm water of a hot tub can instantly alleviate the physical symptoms of anxiety, especially muscle tension–a common symptom. Hot tub soaking improves circulation by dilating blood vessels. This can provide instant relief from muscle-related pain. Some other ways hot tubs can physically help relieve you from anxiety include:

  • Support from the buoyancy of the water allows your body to relax completely.
  • The massage effect of the hot tub jets can work out tension knots and ease painful spots.
  • Prepares your body for sleep and combats insomnia.
  • Lowers your blood pressure. Just a 15-minute soak can bring your blood pressure down according to a study by the Mayo clinic.

Using Your Hot Tub to Reduce Anxiety

Having a hot tub at home is a great way to help deal with the anxiety you experience. Many people turn to coping mechanisms such as food, alcohol, or social media when their anxiety gets really severe. Regular soaks in your hot tub offer a way to relax and cope without the negative consequences of other options. Setting your hot tub up as a place to go when you’re feeling anxious is simple:

  • If a private sanctuary is what helps you relax, place your spa somewhere that is out of bounds to other people. This will give you somewhere to go when you need to destress and unwind.
  • Alternatively, socializing might be helpful for you. If this is the case, use your hot tub to create a social gathering space. Human contact can be some of the greatest support during anxious times–and a hot tub is a perfect spot for uninterrupted, real conversation.
  • Place your hot tub somewhere you can connect with nature. Immersing yourself in nature is a great solution for when the world around you starts to feel like too much.
  • Use your hot tub as a place for distraction. By adding entertainment features such as speakers can be a great way to relax and enhance your experience. You might also want to add specific colored lights (blue and green have proven to increase relaxation), or a waterfall may also help reduce your anxiety.

Ready to Reduce Your Anxiety?

Since it’s often the relentlessness of life that fuels anxiety, the convenience of a hot tub right outside your house can provide relief—fast. Don’t deal with traffic or sit in the crowded mass transit just to get to your soothing space–create your own sanctuary.

If you’re among those dealing with anxiety, a hot tub just might be the stress reducer you need. It only takes a 15-minute soak to lower your blood pressure and relieve you from many symptoms of anxiety. Want to learn more about the health benefits of hot tubs? Want to explore your options? Stop by one of our Cal Spas locations or contact us today.