Dos and Don’ts of Winter Hot Tubbing


One of the most luxurious feelings in life is getting into a nice, warm hot tub on a cool winter day. Regardless of winter being a great time of year for hot tubbing–it does present hot tub owners with some unique challenges.

To help you successfully navigate the winter hot tub challenges, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts for hot tubbing during Minnesota winters!

Winter Hot Tubbing in MN: Dos

  • Cover your ears. It goes without saying that Minnesota winters can be very cold. Wearing a hat, earmuffs, or winter headband will help regulate your body temperature and keep your hair dry. Leaving you comfortably warm and able to enjoy all the benefits of your spa.
  • Turn off the air bubbles after each use. When your spa clicks on to either heat or filter, you’ll want to restrict the number of outside air bubbles that are injected into the water. This will increase your spa’s energy efficiency and therefore, keep costs down.
  • Wear sandals or slippers. This will not only keep your feet warm as you move from your home to your hot tub, but it also prevents you from tracking dirt, debris, and snow into the water.
  • Lock your cover. Spa covers insulate much better when they’re locked. When locked in place, the straps pull down on the cover’s edges, forming a tight seal to keep the heat in. Without the locks engaged, the spa edges can lift up slightly, allowing heat to escape.

Hot Tubbing in MN in the Winter: Don’ts

  • Add snow to your hot tub water. While it can be difficult to add water to your spa in the winter with the outside taps off and your hoses tucked away, snow does not make for good hot tub water. It will not only throw off your water balance, but it also contains a lot of impurities that can cause your water to go cloudy.
  • Use a shovel to remove snow from the cover. A heavy snow load sitting on your spa cover is never a good thing–it can cause irreversible damage. Likewise, a shovel could dig into the cover and cause rips. Instead, use a brush or a broom to clean off your spa cover.
  • Neglect your spa. No matter how busy you are or cold it is outside, you never want to stop regular maintenance in order to ensure your hot tub lasts as long as possible.

Most Relaxing Winter Ever with Cal Spas

A Cal Spa’s hot tub is made to be enjoyed all year round but winter is an especially perfect time for staying warm in your spa. Ready to relax outdoors during the Minnesota winter? Come in, call, or visit our website. Plymouth, MN (763-512-7727) Woodbury, MN (651-501-7727).