Best Hot Tubs for Cold Climates


A hot tub can be the perfect way to escape the Minnesota cold, but can you trust your spa to endure harsh rain, wind, and snow?

The answer is not all hot tubs are equal when it comes to defense against the elements. The best hot tubs for tough weather are extremely energy-efficient, are built with weather-proof parts, and have strong, tight-fitting covers.


Why is efficiency important if you live in a cold climate? Well, in colder weather, your spa will have to put in a little extra work to keep the water temperature hot. This requires energy, and in turn, money.

The issue is, how do you know if your hot tub is energy efficient? Be sure to check your spa’s insulation type as well as its plumbing design.

Here are some important things to know about insulation and plumbing.


In general, there are two types of spa insulation: perimeter or full foam. Many hot tub companies will try to convince you that perimeter systems work just as well as full foam systems. They want you to think this because it would cost them twice as much to manufacture the higher quality system—full foam.

Hot Tub University completed a study comparing the two systems to see if the insulation claims were true. They concluded that “full foam spas should perform more than twice as well as the best perimeter systems out there.”

This study proves that if you want the top-performing outdoor hot tub for a cold climate, you need a spa with a full foam insulation system. In a fully insulated spa, the interior of the cabinet is filled completely with the foam. this not only protects your spa from the cold but also adds structural support to your hot tub–which will lengthen the life of its components.

Additionally, full foam encapsulates the components and drastically reduces the vibrations caused by the spa motor, pumps, and jets. This greatly decreases the likelihood of component and plumbing failure.


You’ll want to be sure your spa comes with a strong, durable cover. It should be capable of handling the weight of snow after a major snowstorm and remaining closed on an extra windy day.

Generally, the best hot tub cover for cold climates will be one made by your spa’s manufacturer. They will be made specifically to fit the hot tub model firmly and keep the cold air out.

Winter Hot Tub Care

Did you know that the highest quality hot tubs don’t need to be winterized? Unless you plan on leaving your spa sitting for more than 6 weeks straight, there should be no need to winterize. The energy-efficient design and quality materials will keep your pipes from freezing.

Make the Most of the Minnesota Winter with Your Spa

A Cal Spa’s hot tub is made to be enjoyed all year round and winter is no exception. Ready to make the most of our Minnesota weather? Come in, call, or visit our website. Plymouth, MN (763-512-7727) Woodbury, MN (651-501-7727).