How Much will My Electricity Bill Increase with a Hot Tub?

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If you’re considering buying a hot tub, you may be concerned about your electricity bill increasing. Such concerns are understandable–historically, hot tubs have required a great deal of power in order to maintain a constant high temperature. If you’re looking at new hot tubs, though, you’re in luck! Spa manufacturers have exponentially improved energy efficiency in hot tubs in recent years. Therefore, the increase in your monthly electric bill should be minimal. Below, we answer some frequently asked questions about how much your electricity bill will likely increase when you add a hot tub to your home.

How much electricity does a hot tub require?

As is the case with any large-ticket item, there are many variables that play into the overall cost. The total cost of a spa depends on its quality, size, design, and location. The amount of energy your hot tub uses depends on the following:

  • Cost of energy in your location
  • The climate you live in
  • The size of your spa
  • How well your hot tub is insulated
  • Whether your spa has a well-made, well-fitted cover

What impacts your hot tub’s electric consumption?

  • Frequency of use drives the cost it takes to operate a hot tub. The more a hot tub is used, the more energy it will require. More use means more heat loss–this forces the hot tub’s system to work harder to regulate the temperature.
  • Hot tub care including a well-fitted cover and regular hot tub maintenance will reduce your spa’s electrical consumption. This includes regularly cleaning your filters and replacing them when necessary.
  • Increasing your hot tub’s heat will add more to your bill than maintaining a constant high temperature. After you heat up your hot tub for the first time, the increase in your electricity bill will be higher than it will be in subsequent months.
  • Spa water replacement is a normal part of maintenance. After refilling your spa, the water will need to be heated. This will cause a small increase in your next electric bill. Every so often, you need to drain and refill your hot tub, but there are ways to conserve water on a day-to-day basis so you don’t have to add water as often.

Should I turn my hot tub off when I am not using it?

No. Turning your spa off between uses will not save you money. Once your water is heated to your desired temperature, you’ll save money–and energy–by keeping it there. Reheating your water every time you turn it on is much more expensive. Even if you only soak once a week, you should still keep it running constantly. For vacations up to two weeks, you may want to lower your water temperature by about 10 degrees, otherwise, leave your hot tub operating as usual. Click here for more information on preparing your hot tub for an extended absence.

Will it be super expensive to heat my hot tub in the winter?

While energy costs do increase during the cold months, an energy-efficient spa with quality insulation won’t cause a dangerous spike in your electric bill. You will pay more to heat your hot tub in the winter, but with a quality spa, the increase won’t be dramatic.

How can I keep my hot tub’s energy costs as low as possible?

To some extent, energy conservation rests in the hands of hot tub owners. By following your manufacturer’s instructions and your dealer’s advice for spa operation and maintenance, you can keep your spa’s energy costs within reason. To maximize efficiency, leave your hot tub running and the water at a constant temperature, regularly clean your filters, and keep your spa covered when it’s not in use.

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