How to Find the Perfect Hot Tub for You


Buying a hot tub is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. There are many options to consider, and thought must go into installation, maintenance, and expense. Thankfully, most hot tubs today are high-quality, easy-to-use systems. You have options, and it’s not hard to narrow down your choices.

What Do You Want Your Hot Tub to Do for You?

Hot tubs and spas aren’t just for rest & relaxation—though that’s what many people use them for. If R&R is your only goal, you can find a great deal of variety. Seating options are many and can dramatically change your experience. Lounge seats relax the entire body. Traditional bench seating makes it easy to socialize and use your tub more casually. Special lighting options can change the mood from mellow to maximum at the push of a button. Your hot tub can be customized in myriad ways—limited only to your imagination.

There’s a more practical purpose to hot tubs, too. Hydrotherapy tubs use specialized jets and massage programs to work out stress and fatigue. Seasoned athletes use hydrotherapy to soothe the body after intense regimens, but anyone can benefit from their restorative properties. Active people, older people, and those with chronic conditions may benefit greatly from therapy tubs. These tubs provide the same R&R as more casual offerings.

How Many People Will Use Your Hot Tub?

Not every tub is a gigantic party pool. Many are designed for small groups or individuals. If you like to host gatherings ad have guests, a larger pool is a great idea to accommodate up to 11 people at a time. Most tubs have a 6-person capacity, but if you’re looking for smaller options, 3 and 5 person tubs are readily available. These smaller tubs can fit into compact spaces and are a good option if you’re not expecting company. They still offer flexibility so when you do have guests, they too can enjoy the tub.

What Is Your Budget?

The price of hot tubs is largely defined by features and size, the number of tub jets, and the quality of construction and components. A large, feature-rich hot tub represents a long-term investment and can even raise the value of your entire home. Product lines exist for almost every budget. Do you want the very latest technology, ease-of-use, and advanced design? There’s a high-end tub waiting for you. Are you price-conscious but still want to get years of enjoyment and high-tech relaxation from your tub? Don’t worry—you won’t be left out in the cold.

Talk to A Cal Spas Representative

Using the guidelines laid out here, you can make a quick list of things you want or need, and there’s almost certainly a tub that matches all your categories. Once you’ve established your goals, it’s good to talk to an expert so you can take the next exciting step and buy a hot tub. Cal Spas Representatives are ready to help you take that step and get you relaxing or restoring your muscles in the hot tub of your dreams, with or without party guests. Contact us or shop online today to find the perfect tub for you.