Tips for taking care of your hot tub in the winter

winter hot tub

Winters in Minnesota are more intense than in almost any other place, but that doesn’t mean you have to close up your hot tub as soon as the temperatures drop. This should be a time of year you’re able to most enjoy your hot tub as a means of social gathering and relaxation amidst the frigid temps. However, operating your hot tub in the winter can lead to damage and costly repairs if you don’t exercise proper care. Here are some steps to take prior to and during the winter months to keep your hot tub running at an optimal level while also cutting down on energy costs.

Perform a water change

Before the temperatures drop too low, you should perform a water change on your hot tub and clean it thoroughly. Doing this early on ensures your hot tub is at peak performance once winter sets in. If you wait too long, you’ll be performing hot tub maintenance outside in the frigid Midwestern air, and that’s never a fun task.

Invest in a good cover

A high-quality cover is one of the most important aspects in preserving the condition of your water and reducing your energy bill. Most temperature loss occurs at the surface of the water, and a cover that lets heat escape results in more energy needed to warm the water and an added cost for you. If your current cover isn’t in good shape, you should either repair it or replace it with one that is. A cover that is well-insulated with a tight-fitting seal will have the best effect. A floating thermal blanket can also be a great way to keep your water warmer and save you money.

Check your water levels

If the water level in your hot tub drops too low, the pump and heater may shut down and cause the water to freeze and inflict damage on the tub. You should check the water level periodically, especially if it’s been a few weeks since you’ve used your hot tub. If it is low, simply add more to prevent the freezing of key components that can be frustrating to try and fix.

Be proactive

Proactive winter hot tub care keeps you from having to perform any fixes once the temperatures drop well below freezing. Cal Spas offers the widest selection of spas and hot tubs in Minneapolis and St. Paul with thousands of option combinations guaranteed to include the right fit for your family’s needs. Browse our collection today or visit a showroom to start making the most of your downtime this winter.