How do Your Hot Tub Filters Actually Work?

Filters for a hot tub or swimming pool

Hidden but powerful features in a hot tub, your filters help ensure your spa’s overall performance and long life. While you relax, they work in the background, trapping particles while water runs through the filter media and acting as the strongest line of defense against dirty hot tub water.

How hot tub filters work

All hot tubs have some sort of filtration system. Otherwise, there would be no protection against body oils, dirt, lotions, and different types of environmental debris infecting your spa. The way water filters work is fairly simple: the water passes through them, and they trap unwanted particles in their folds.

The majority of hot tub filters today are designed as cartridges so they can be easily removed, cleaned, and replaced. The hot tub filter cartridge consists of a core structure, and a medium wrapped around it that acts as the filter. Typically made of polyester, the medium is pleated. The folds allow for a greatly increased surface area and as a result, an increased cleaning. The greater the filter surface area, the cleaner your water will be!

The particles trapped by your filters will remain there until cleaned out. This is where you come in. Neglecting regular filter maintenance could potentially stain your hot tub pumps and heating system, as well as allow dirt and grime to build up in your water. Do you have questions about hot tub filter maintenance? The experts at Cal Spas are happy to help.

How to clean your hot tub filter and when to replace it

Proper maintenance and replacement of your filters when necessary is a major key to your spa’s health, performance, and long life. Luckily, the advanced cartridges of today are easy to clean, making your role in hot tub filter maintenance a simple one.

To clean your filters, simply hose them down, or soak them in a cleaning solution. With proper maintenance, they provide crystal-clear spa water for four to six years.

Filter maintenance and replacement schedules will vary. Some factors that will impact this include how often you use your hot tub as well as how many people regularly soak in it. The more contaminants introduced into the water, the more buildup the filter will collect. If the filtration medium is compromised, so is its ability to hold a strong line of defense against dirty water. To ensure your hot tub continues running efficiently, consider calendaring your inspections, deep cleanings, and spa-drainage days according to usage over a 12-month period.

Whenever you remove your filters for cleaning, be sure to inspect them for signs of wear, tear, or cracking. Pay extra attention to any possible damage as filters grow closer to the end of their expected lifetime. When the time comes to replace your filters, choose only the certified, branded filters designed for use with your hot tub model. When the health of your spa relies so heavily on maximum filtration power, you want to go with the best.

Questions about hot tub filters?

The experts at Cal Spas are here to answer any questions you have about what filters are best for your hot tub, how to best care for your filters, or anything else! Stop by one of our stores or contact us today.