What’s the Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi


The short answer: there is none.


Jacuzzi is a brand that was established in the 1950s. They’re still around, and they still make hot tubs. They’re one of many who compete for your business. The Jacuzzi name became generic much like other brands (Aspirin, Jetski, Popsicle, Thermos, and so on) because they were an early, popular brand in their market. Many other companies now innovate with their own technologies and evolve the hot tub product world.


Fun fact: hot tubs as a concept have been around for centuries! People have been bathing in hot springs since long before tubs even existed. It seems humans are naturally drawn to relaxing hot waters. The Japanese ofuro is a kind of tub with steep sides traditionally filled with hot water (sound familiar?) The current hot tub is an evolution of this concept, as Western tubs were usually much shallower. The type of recreational hot tub you’ve likely enjoyed began appearing in the 1940s in America, and hydrotherapy jets arrived in the 1950s. Hot tub technology has continuously improved since then, and we now enjoy high-end filtration, ultra-fast heaters, individual zones, built-in speakers, remote controls, and more. A “spa,” often used in the place of “hot tub” or “jacuzzi,” technically refers to the same type of tubs, but often refers to those that are built into the ground, such as those next to pools at home or in hotels.


You have a lot of choices in hot tubs, and they represent an investment in your home and relaxation. Options exist for individuals, families, and those who enjoy entertaining. Even the most basic models today are advanced, easy-to-maintain wonders that provide years of enjoyment. If you’re looking for the best of the best, setups including waterfalls, individual controls, and even gazebos are readily available.


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