Top 5 Romantic Backyard Date Ideas

top 5 backyard date ideas

Summer seems to fly by, especially in the Midwest. With only a few months of warm weather, we tend to pack our schedules full of fun activities to make the most of the season. But in the busyness of summer, it’s easy to get distracted from spending quality time with your partner. Finding the time to plan a nice date night that’s both relaxing, easy, and fun can feel overwhelming. 

A backyard date is the perfect solution – it’s convenient and can fit whatever mood you’re trying to set, allowing you to spend time with your partner from the comfort of your own backyard. Plus, as we transition from summer into fall, there are plenty of great date night ideas for taking advantage of the changing seasons. This list of romantic backyard date ideas is sure to get you inspired to plan a relaxing, fun date night for you and your significant other. 

1. Plan an outdoor dinner 

Planning an outdoor dinner is a great way to connect with your partner in an intimate setting. Dinner dates can be versatile; they can be romantic, cute, or simple, depending on the atmosphere you’re going for. Check out our favorite backyard dinner date ideas for you and your partner to enjoy: 

Go for a garden vibe 

If you want to have a romantic, intimate date, consider dressing up and setting a table outside. Add romantic lighting like candles or fairy lights to complete the scene. The setting sun, warm weather, and proximity to nature will make for the perfect backyard date. 

    Plan a cookout 

    For a more casual, laid-back date, try planning a cookout. Grill steaks, burgers, kebobs, or any other summer staples you want. Enjoy a simple outdoor meal with just the two of you! 

      Put together a picnic 

      A middle ground for these two dinner styles is a picnic. Plan a menu of cheese, meats, wine, fresh fruit and vegetables, and bread – think about foods that you’d bring on a fancy picnic or set up on a charcuterie board. Lay down a blanket and bring your food outside for a nice evening in the grass. For a more romantic touch, add pillows and fairy lights to the mix to create soft lighting and a comfortable space to spend the evening. 

      2. Have a game night 

        Game nights are generally associated with having friends over and playing group games, but there are plenty of great two-person games that can make for a fun night. Plus, games are a great way to laugh and connect with your partner. 

        Whether you decide on card games or get more active with yard games like cornhole or bocce ball, spending some quality one-on-one time in your backyard is a great way to reconnect in a light-hearted way. 

        3. Set up an outdoor movie  

        Outdoor movies have gotten very popular in the last few years, and setting one up yourself is easy! All you need is a projector and a screen or sheet to project the movie onto, making it easy to watch your favorite movie outside in your own backyard.  

        If you go this route, make sure to set up a comfortable space where you can relax and recline. Think big pillows, blankets, cushions, etc. Consider stringing up fairy lights to give a more romantic feel to your movie night. You can also prepare drinks and popcorn to complete the date night. As the temperatures start to cool at night, load up on blankets and enjoy a cozy night watching your favorite film.

        4. Enjoy a night swim or soak in your hot tub 

        Taking a soak in your hot tub or swim spa is the perfect backyard date night idea to give you quality time with your partner in an intimate setting. You can play some quiet music, catch up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives, and just enjoy spending time with one another.  

        You can even invest in some hot tub accessories like a towel rack or a waterproof speaker to really set the mood and create the perfect date. Bring some snacks with you to create a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Enhance the experience by giving your partner a massage to get them fully relaxed on your backyard date night. 

        5. Set up a bonfire 

        On those cooler nights, building a fire and relaxing is the perfect way to wind down and spend time with your significant other. Enjoy popcorn, roast marshmallows, listen to music, and bring out comfy blankets, cushions, and chairs to help you relax. This is the perfect date night to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. 

        There are so many ways to plan a romantic backyard date night with your significant other. These ideas are just the beginning, and you can try to mix and match these ideas to really pack in the fun.

        There’s nothing better than finishing a date night with a relaxing soak in a hot tub. If you’re ready to plan the perfect backyard date complete with a hot tub soak, reach out or visit one of our convenient locations today. Our hot tubs are outfitted with the optimal number of jets to promote relaxation, lights to help set the mood for your date night, and comfortable seating to ensure you’re able to recline and loosen up. We’re happy to help you find the best hot tub for you and your partner to enjoy together.