Top 7 Hot Tub Exercises to Ease Back Pain

hot tub stretch

Back pain is no joke, but relief might be closer than you think.

Whether you overdid it with your workout regimen, have an unsupportive desk chair, or just need a good stretch, turn to your hot tub for relief.

Water exercise can help you strengthen your muscles and provide comfort for your aches and pains. By learning easy hot tub exercises and stretches, you’ll have your back feeling better in no time.

Here is our favorite routine for back pain relief:

Knee Stretch

The knee stretch is a simple place to start and a great hot tub exercise everyone can do. While standing in your hot tub, lift one leg, place your hands around your kneecap, and pull it upward toward your chest. Repeat with both legs as many times as you’d like. This stretch loosens the back muscles and gives a nice full back stretch.

Walk or Jog in Place

Next, elevate your water exercise by walking or jogging in place. You can make this as challenging or easy as you’d like – just make sure you’re getting some movement throughout your entire body. And keep your chest up and shoulders back to maintain a strong posture that will help prevent future pain.

This exercise can help you improve your physical health from the comfort of your own hot tub.

Pool Planks

If you’re in search of stretches for mid-back pain, pool planks might be the exercise for you. Pool planks are a hot tub exercise that will work your core, reinforce your back posture, and stretch you out without the difficulty of a regular plank.

Start with both feet on the ground and a pool noodle in your hands. Your hands should be slightly further apart than your shoulders. Next, move to the tips of your toes and push the pool noodle underwater. Your back and legs should be straight with the pool noodle parallel to the hot tub floor. Your body should be at a diagonal, and you’ll need to maintain your posture to keep the pool noodle underwater.

Pool Push-Ups

Similar to regular push-ups, pool push-ups are a modified version that results in an easier exercise that you can build on with additional repetitions. Place your hands on the sides of the hot tub, a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself down to the spa edge by bending your arms at the elbows, then slowly raise yourself back up. Repeat as desired.

Sideways Walking

This one is another great movement for strengthening your core muscles and improving your posture. Start on one end of your hot tub and sidestep to the other side. Facing the same direction, return to the side of the hot tub you started at. Continue moving back and forth.

Flutter Kicks

You might remember these from when you were younger, but flutter kicks aren’t just great for those learning how to swim.

Flutter kicks are a simple way to exercise your muscles and get some much-needed back relief. Simply hold the side of your hot tub and gently scissor kick. You can also do this in a standing position by moving one leg forward and backward without bending your knee, and then switching to the other side. This will help with hip flexibility, which is extremely important for preventing back pain.

Superman Stretches

This is a great water exercise to end with because it’s relaxing, calming, and immediately provides relief. Place both hands on the side of your hot tub and then float your body parallel to the hot tub floor. Stay like this with the water supporting your weight to get a great stretch for mid-back pain.

Athletes will find relief from this hot tub stretch as it’s a full-body relaxer and can really get those sore muscles stretched out.

Find Relief with a Cal Spa

All of these hot tub exercises are great for strengthening areas that will prevent back pain. Keep those muscles in great shape by using your hot tub to frequently stretch and exercise.

Take care of your body and ease your back pain with a Cal Spa. We have the largest selection of hot tubs and swim spas in the state, and our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect oasis. Contact us today to learn more or to visit a showroom!