Should I Put a Hot Tub on My Deck? Proper Hot Tub Installation Tips


You’ve decided to purchase a hot tub, congratulations! The next important decision: where should you put it?

Is it Safe to Put my Hot Tub on a Deck?

Yes, as long as you take the proper precautions. Make sure the deck is structurally sound and that there’s enough space for the hot tub. It’s also important to have a licensed electrician install a dedicated circuit for the hot tub.

There are three main considerations when choosing the perfect location for your hot tub: accessibility, stability, and privacy.

Hot Tub Accessibility

You’ll want to choose a spot that’s close enough to the house so you can easily get inside if you need to, but far enough away that you can enjoy some peace and quiet. If your deck is on the second story, make sure there’s a way to get the hot tub up there.

Safety and Stability

It’s important to choose a level spot for your hot tub. An unlevel hot tub can be dangerous and damage the equipment. If you’re putting your hot tub on a deck, make sure it’s structurally sound and can support the weight of a filled hot tub.

Hot Tub Installation Tips

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot for your hot tub, it’s time for installation.

1. Clear the area where the hot tub will go. Remove any furniture, planters, or other obstacles.

2. Measure the area to make sure the hot tub will fit. Most hot tubs are rectangular, so you’ll need to leave enough space on all sides for easy entry and exit.

3. Check for underground utility lines. Call your local utility company to have them mark any lines in the area.

4. If you’re putting the hot tub on a deck, make sure it’s strong enough to support the weight of a full hot tub. The average hot tub weighs about 5,000 pounds when filled.

5. Have a licensed electrician install a dedicated circuit for the hot tub. Most hot tubs require a 240-volt, 50-amp circuit.

6. Install any safety features you plan to use, such as a fence or cover.

7. Fill the hot tub with water and enjoy!

With proper installation and care, your hot tub will provide years of enjoyment.

Ready to Place Your Hot Tub?

Whether you have the perfect spot selected and prepped, or you have no clue where a hot tub fits in in your landscape, the experts at Cal Spas of Minnesota can help answer any of your installation questions. Since a quality hot tub will last decades, we want you to relax knowing you’ve chosen the best possible location.