Hosting the Ultimate Football Viewing Hot Tub Party

Night time pool and hot tub movie party

Hosting a football viewing hot tub party is a fun way to watch the game, enjoy friends and the fall weather, and relax all in one. While you can just call a few people right before the game and ask them to come by and bring a suit, putting a little more effort into your plans can take things up a notch and create a memorable experience. 

Here’s a basic list of what to include for your football viewing hot tub party:

  • TV or outdoor projector
  • Seating areas (chairs, blankets, etc.)
  • Beverages (cold and warm options)
  • Food and snacks
  • Towels and amenities


Now for our breakdown of what will make your football viewing hot tub party a blast.


Choose carefully. Don’t invite everyone and their dog since only so many people will fit in your hot tub at one time, and while you’ll have other activities, you don’t want a bunch of people waiting around for their turn in the tub. 


Decorating for a hot tub party isn’t necessary, but if you do decide to make things a bit more festive, table covers, paper plates, and napkins in your team’s colors are a simple option. Adding some outdoor fairy lights or fall-themed decor like pumpkins can also create a fun environment.

Food & Beverages

You can fire up the grill for burgers and brats, make a pot of chili, or keep it simple with snacks and finger foods. Just make sure no one brings their food into the hot tub — no one wants a tub full of chili! 

When it comes to your beverage selection, make sure you offer both alcoholic and nonalcoholic options for guests as well as plenty of water. Soda, beer, and wine are all great options, and in these chilly temps coffee and hot apple cider are also welcome additions.


It’s up to you if you want to play any music or if you think it will distract from the game, but music or not you’ll want a decent set of outdoor speakers to amplify the game. 

As for your screen, you have a few different options. You can:

  • Bring a big screen TV outside and set it up on the patio
  • Use an outdoor weatherproof TV or TV enclosure
  • Set up a projector and projection screen


Make sure to have seating areas for people to use when they are eating or taking a break from the hot tub. If you’re looking for creative seating options beyond chairs and benches try blankets on the ground, tree stump stools, or even hay bales with blankets or towels laid over the top.

Games & Activities

Obviously the main attractions will be football viewing and hot tub lounging, but it’s not a bad idea to have other activities, especially if there will be any teens or kids there. Think about entertainment like cornhole, horseshoes, bocce, frisbee, or even toss around a football!

You can also have games like giant Jenga and waterproof card games you can play in or around the hot tub.

Amenities & Accessories

When you’re hosting friends for a hot tub party, always have plenty of towels on hand. Even if people bring a towel (and someone is bound to forget), they’ll get wet after a few trips in and out of the tub, so have extras.

There are plenty of other hot tub accessories and features you can incorporate —  include as much as you want to enhance your experience! 

There you have it! If you follow this breakdown you’ll set yourself and your friends up for an amazing football viewing hot tub party. If you need any hot tub chemicals or accessories to prepare for your party, visit Cal Spas of MN online or at one of our two Twin Cities locations.