Cold Weather Prep for Your MN Hot Tub (Don’t Winterize)

Winter is a wonderful season for soaking in your hot tub. The hot water paired with massaging jets breathes life back into frozen feet and aching joints. Instead of winterizing and shutting down your spa for the cold, why not make the most of your investment and enjoy your spa year-round?

New, energy-saving spas stay hot and ready for soaking all winter without adding to your electric bill. Insulation paired with a quality hot tub cover keeps the heat in, so with proper upkeep, there is no reason to winterize your spa.

Pre-Winter Preparation

Do not wait until the first frost of winter hits to maintain your tub. Draining, cleaning, and refilling your hot tub become much more difficult tasks with nasty weather.

Spa Cover and Cabinet

Inspect your hot tub cover for signs of wear and tear during the fall. If your cover is not in great shape, we recommend replacing it before the cold weather hits. Signs of wear include cracked or faded vinyl, tearing seams and handles, and heavy foam cores. A new cover will not only insulate your spa better, but it will also be much lighter and easier to open and close.

If cover latches are broken, you should replace them with new buckles and locks. Your spa’s straps should be secure and snug.

If your spa cabinet is wooden, treat the wood each fall. Utilize a weatherproof linseed oil or sealer to prevent the wood from warping because of moisture. Remove dirt and residue from all cabinet materials each season.

Water Maintenance

If you are planning to use your hot tub regularly, the majority of experts will recommend flushing and draining seasonally. Flushing prior to draining your spa will help eliminate bacteria build-up in the pipes that will result in water balancing issues.

Energy Efficiency

An inefficient spa can be expensive to run in the winter. Since the majority of lost heat it through the top of the spa, a high-quality cover is extremely important. Additionally, whenever your hot tub is not in use, make sure it is securely covered to prevent water loss from evaporation and contamination.

Spa covers are great, but they can be heavy and nearly impossible for one person to move. We’d recommend investing in a hot tub cover lift to make your spa much more enjoyable. This will make it easy to remove and replace your cover–and help to ensure you never leave your spa uncovered.

Avoid Water Freezing

Regularly check the water level of your spa. Leaks can bring the water level down enough to stop spa pumps and heating–causing potential freezing conditions.

In the event of an outage, keep the spa cover secure to keep the heat sealed in. If the power is out for a longer period of time or it’s extremely cold, call your dealer ASAP.

Optimize the Winter Months with Your Own Hot Tub

A Cal Spa’s hot tub is made to be enjoyed all year round but winter is an especially perfect time for keeping cozy in your spa. Ready to make the most of our Minnesota weather? Come in, call, or visit our website. Plymouth, MN (763-512-7727) Woodbury, MN (651-501-7727).