6 Ways Minneapolis Hot Tub Owners Can Enjoy Winter

Woman in hot tub with glass of wine leaning against edge looking at snow

The official start of winter is on December 21, but we Minnesotans know it’s already been here for a while — and we’re in it for a long haul. With the temperatures plummeting, going outside to soak in your hot tub might seem out of the question, but don’t dismay! Winter happens to be a great time to enjoy your hot tub.

Here are 6 fun ways to enhance your outdoor spa experience and get the most out of your hot tub all winter long.

Two small outdoor fire pits

  1. Build a bonfire 
    Soaking in the hot tub in the frosty air with a fire nearby is truly blissful. Winter bonfires can be a downright magical experience. Watching the flames flickering, the light dancing on the snow, listening to the crackling of the wood … need we say more? S’mores optional.

  2. Enjoy seasonal beverages 
    Warm drinks are the order of the day for a wintry beverage treat. There are plenty of options (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to suit your mood and occasion.Apple cider, hot cocoa, eggnog, or even some Wassail are festive choices. 

    Two girls in fingerless gloves holding hot cocoa

    Try this Creamy Hot Cocoa recipe if you haven’t perfected your own!

  3. Host a holiday movie night 
    A combo movie and hot tub night is a fresh, fun twist on a regular movie night. Gather some friends and a projector, then watch some Christmas Classics or binge Hallmark movies. You can keep the movie nights going after the holidays, of course — everyone loves a good movie! 

    A red cardinal sits perched on a bird feeder during a snow fall

  4. Enjoy the local wildlife
    Try feeding the birds with homemade bird feeders. The birds get help through the winter months, and you get to enjoy some birdwatching. It’s a win-win! Depending on where you live, you may see rabbits, deer, or other wildlife from the comfort of your spa.

    Two glasses of white wine near an outdoor fire

  5. Host a wine (or craft beer) night
    Having friends over for a wine (or craft beer) party is a simple yet fun idea that you can expand on as much as you want with games and other activities. Ask people to bring a bottle to share — it’s a great way to try something new! Make sure to have plenty of water on hand to keep hydrated.

  6. Gaze at the night sky
    Simply lean back, observe the night sky, and enjoy the breathtaking display. Or take it a step further and try to identify individual constellations using constellation guide websites, books, or astronomy apps. You may even be lucky enough to see the northern lights (aurora borealis).

    Snowman in festive clothes

    The spa specialists at Cal Spas of MN can help you with any of your hot tub needs, from helping you find the perfect spa to maintenance plans and more. If you have any questions or would like to visit one of our two Twin Cities showrooms, reach out to us.