5 Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub This Fall


Fall is arguably one of the most ideal times of the year to enjoy your hot tub. As the temperatures outside fall, the warm bubbly water provides a relaxation haven at the end of a long day.

1. Pumpkin Spice Hot Tub

Three favorites: your hot tub, coffee, and (a fall favorite) pumpkin spice.

Why not combine all three? There’s no feeling quite like stepping into a bubbling hot tub on a brisk fall sunrise–especially with a delicious, caffeinated beverage in hand. Fire up your fancy coffee maker or stop by your local coffee shop first thing, and then soak in your spa to enjoy a relaxing morning.

2. Bird-Watching Breakfast

This one is likely not for everyone, but if you’re into a mellow activity like identifying the birds in your yard, why not elevate that experience by doing it from your hot tub? Bring a bird identification book (or an app on your phone) and a pair of binoculars, and you’re set for successful bird watching.

For extra enjoyment, dedicate your morning to catching the birds during their morning feeding time. Then, top it off with your own hearty breakfast post soak.

3. Get Cozy

Fall is a great time of year for enjoying the calmer pace of life, getting cozy, and carving out some space to take a step back and relax.

A hot tub or spa is the perfect place to do this in autumn as it relaxes your full body and allows you to have some serious ‘me time.’ If the warm bubbles contrasting the crisp air isn’t cozy, then what is? Whether you decide to relax fully alone or with family, your spa is a great place for enjoying your favorite fall drinks and a good read. We’d recommend some hot cider and a brand new thriller for fall.

4. Soak up the Autumn Colors

Sometimes the best way to enjoy your hot tub is without all kinds of extra stimuli. Just sitting back and taking in your surroundings can be all it takes to relax. The fall season makes this even more special. The changing leaves provide a gorgeous backdrop to your serene, home spa retreat.

As an added bonus, if you’re struggling to get out of bed as the mornings get darker, try a dip in your hot tub as your first-morning step to help you wake up and feel refreshed.

5. Hot Tub Movie Night

In just a couple of months, our outside spaces will see less and less use. Now is the perfect time to really make the most of that beautiful landscape. An outdoor movie night is a great way to enjoy the autumn weather and being outside. Maybe you already have a TV in your outdoor space, but our preferred tactic is hooking up a bed sheet and a projector for the ultimate hot tub movie night. Just add popcorn!

Enjoy the Elements with Your Own Hot Tub

A Cal Spa’s hot tub is made to be enjoyed all year round, but fall is an especially perfect time for spa owners. Ready to make the most of our Minnesota weather? Come in, call, or visit our website. Plymouth, MN (763-512-7727) Woodbury, MN (651-501-7727).