5 reasons to trade in your hot tub this fall

5 reasons to trade in your hot tub this fall

Fall (at least in Minnesota) is the time when we begin to get our ducks in a row and prepare for the coming cold. As any hot tub owner will tell you, slipping out for a warm, relaxing soak is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues on even the most pipe-shatteringly cold days.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your hot tub—or even if you haven’t—the next few months are arguably the best time to make a change. With that said, here are five reasons to trade in your rusty relic for a brand-new Cal Spas experience this fall.

1. You’re worried your current hot tub won’t last another winter

If your hot tub has been acting up lately (and incurring costly repairs), that may be a sign it’s on its last legs. Rather than worry all winter long that each soak might be your last, take a proactive step and trade it in now before the inevitable happens.

While you can certainly purchase and install a new hot tub during the winter months, do you really want to? Do yourself a favor and upgrade today, so you can go back to your stress-free soaks this fall and beyond.

2. The monthly cost to operate your hot tub is getting too high

As a hot tub ages, its heater, pumps, and filters will inevitably become less efficient. Not to mention all the heat and water vapor that may escape from a warped or otherwise damaged cover. All this leads to your hot tub working overtime and absolutely chewing through your water and energy bills to compensate.

With a QUIET CLEAN™ filtration system to minimize pump operation and THERMO-SHIELD™ technology to retain your spa’s heat, you’ll be amazed at how much lower your utility bill can be with a new energy-efficient hot tub from Cal Spas.

3. Your current hot tub is becoming an eyesore

Even if your current hot tub is working great, it may be time to move on solely by the fact that it’s become a total blemish on your backyard. Stop ignoring a filthy cover, faded panels, or stained seats and make a change today.

Our line of Cal Spas hot tubs come complete with highly durable, maintenance-free panels that mimic the look of natural wood but are guaranteed not to fade or chip away. The interiors are easy to clean, and our marine-grade vinyl covers are steel-reinforced and built to last.

4. You want to experience incredible new features

There is no shame in wanting to upgrade simply because you desire the latest and greatest in hot tub technology. Cal Spas is always at the forefront of innovation, so whether it’s been 12 months or 12 years since your last purchase, we’ll have something new to experience.

Here are some of the exclusive features you could be missing out on:

  • Aquatic Air Therapy™ jet technology for a powerful soft tissue therapy experience.
  • A Whisper Hot™ titanium heater that won’t disturb the kids or the neighbors.
  • Our Touch2 touch screen control panel that makes it easier than ever to manage your settings.
  • Cascade waterfalls that will transport you to the most exotic paradise of your imagination.
  • Multi-color LED lights to illuminate and enhance your evening spa sessions.
  • A built-in Bluetooth enabled Freedom™ sound system so you can stream the perfect playlist from any device.

5. You can get $1,500 off the price of your brand new Cal Spas hot tub

What makes Cal Spas of Minnesota’s hot tub trade-in program so great? We take any spa—in any condition—and give you $1,500 to put towards the purchase of your new hot tub. And when we say any condition, we mean it.

No inspection required. Any brand. Working or not. We will even remove the old clunker and deliver your new spa free of charge! It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today or stop into your nearest Cal Spas of Minnesota location.