Which hot tub cover lift is right for you?

How to choose the right hot tub cover lift flowchart

While you can certainly enjoy a soak in your hot tub without one, you may be surprised at how much better the overall experience can be with the right cover lift installed. A good cover lift can help remove your cover with ease, keep it from getting damaged, and even provide some much-needed privacy.

With so many different styles to choose from though, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your particular spa and setup. That’s exactly why we’ve created the flowchart above. Once you’ve determined which Cal Spas cover lift is right for you, you can read more about it below and follow the link to continue shopping.

CoverMate I | $219.99Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifts - Covermate I

Step up your cover lift offering with the CoverMate I. This is simply the highest quality and most sold cover lift on the market. Its time-tested performance, attractive appearance, and obvious quality are apparent to everyone desiring a no-hassle cover lift. Enjoy great customer satisfaction with the CoverMate I.


CoverMate II | $254.99Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifts - Covermate II

These models allow the open cover to rest lower against the spa for a slightly less obstructed view. Depending on the mounting system, the CoverMate II can be screw-mounted low on the spa or simply slid underneath for spas with weaker skirts using the optional Understyle bracket system (sold separately).


CoverMate III | $319.99Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifts - Covermate III

No other hydraulic cover lift offers the beauty, reliability, and superior operation of the CoverMate III. Our exclusive wind lock system is the only one of its kind — designed to eliminate broken shock syndrome that other hydraulic lifts experience. Combine that with an aluminum full-frame construction and our stylish composite mounting brackets, and you’ve given your customers a perfect option with no heavy lifting.


CoverMate Easy | $219.99Hot Tub Spa Cover Lifts - Covermate Easy

With no moving parts, the CoverMate Easy is a perfect example of “form follows function”. This traditional cover lift offers ease-of-use and performance features your customers will love.


CoverShelf | $212.99Cover Shelf

It’s hard to imagine a more simple or effective method of cover removal and storage than the CoverShelf. Simply fold the cover in half and slide it out onto the sturdy aluminum bars, where it can rest securely without obstructing the view.


CoverCatch | $103.99Cover Catch

The CoverCatch is the perfect answer for keeping the cover close-by and off the ground. Install the arms low on the spa for an unobstructed view, or higher for added privacy. Ideal for the smaller sized spa and cover.


Covana GazeboThe Covana open

The Covana is fully automated and can be raised and lowered using a safety key switch. You no longer have to fight to remove the cover manually. In addition, Covana’s weather sealing system and high insulating value ensure optimal heat retention resulting in savings of water, energy, and maintenance products. Covana products are modern, elegant, and designed to provide years of worry-free protection and performance.


Find the perfect hot tub cover lift at Cal Spas of Minnesota

The experts at Cal Spas of Minnesota have been helping customers find their ideal cover lifts for decades, and they can do the same for you. Shop our entire collection online or stop by one of our convenient Twin Cities locations to try them out for yourself.