Using and Caring for Hot Tubs in a Minnesota Winter

Hot tub spa outside with a snowman next to it

To say that Minnesota winters can be harsh might be an understatement, but your hot tub doesn’t have to go into hibernation just because there’s snow on the ground. You can enjoy the restorative benefits of your spa all year round. Just follow these simple winter care tips!

Change the water fall and spring

Changing your water in the winter is especially difficult, but luckily today’s Cal Spas technology allows for only two water changes yearly instead of the traditional four. Scheduling them for spring and fall eliminates the need for the unpleasant winter water change.

Invest in a good cover

You’ll need a well insulated hot tub cover with a tight seal to maintain your water temperature in the winter and keep rain and snow out. When the temperatures are dipping below zero, you’ll be glad you invested in a high quality hot tub cover to keep your water comfortable! A quality cover will also keep costs down because you’ll use less energy on reheating your water. Luckily, a great cover is included with each of our spas, so you’re covered!

Keep the water and filters clean

You should keep your hot tub’s water and filters clean in the winter months the same as you do when the weather is warm. This regular hot tub maintenance is easy to do, and neglecting it can cause problems with your spa that can become compounded by frigid temperatures and be more complicated to fix. Stick to a regular schedule to keep your hot tub running its best.

Monitor water level

Check your spa’s water level regularly and add more water as needed to keep it from getting too low. The danger of letting your water levels dip too low is having components such as the pump freeze, causing damage to your tub. The easiest time to check is when you’re using it, but if you don’t plan to soak for a few days remember to take a peek.

Keep your hot tub warm

To keep your tub performing well even in the harshest temperatures, simply turn on your winter protection system and you’re all set. If your model doesn’t have one installed, no worries. Set your tub’s timer to run for 15-20 minutes every hour to keep warm water circulating through the pipes, and your tub will be ready whenever you want a soothing soak.

Stay hydrated

It’s just as important to stay hydrated while using your hot tub in the winter as it is in the summer. It can be easy to forget to drink when the temps are chilly rather than hot and humid, but make it a priority. Warm drinks like hot apple cider are great options for winter soaks!

If you are interested in scheduling maintenance services for your hot tub this winter or have questions about your spa, reach out to the team at Cal Spas of Minnesota.