The Best Alternative to a Saltwater Spa

If you’re in the market for a hot tub or spa, you’ve likely heard the claims that saltwater spas are the best option. We’ve disputed the claims that saltwater spas are superior, easier to maintain, chemical-free, and cheaper. Now that we know this truth, what is the best alternative to a saltwater spa?

If you’re a spa owner, you may have heard or read about a spa ozone generator, otherwise known as a hot tub ozonator. They are growing in popularity as many have turned to them as an inexpensive, yet effective tool to solve the all too common problem of bacteria and chemical buildup in spas.

What is a Spa Ozone Generator?

A spa ozone generator is a water purifying device. Its purpose is to increase or maintain the quality of your spa water. The generator is able to achieve this water purifying result by producing and injecting ozone into the water. Used in C-Pap machines, water treatment plants, and bottled water, ozone assists in reducing water impurities and is a great substitute for chemicals that you would otherwise need to achieve the same result. By utilizing a spa ozone generator, you can save time, money, and the added frustrations that come with impure water.

How Does an Ozonator Work?

It may seem complicated at first, but the basic process is actually really simple to understand. The ozone generator takes an oxygen molecule (O2) and converges it with another molecule to transform it into ozone (O3–three parts oxygen). This ozone molecule enters the water, lives there for a short time, and then the third molecule splits off and attacks anything in its path. In the case of spa water, the molecule would be fighting off bacteria and other microorganisms. After this process is repeated a few times, you will be left with fresh, clean water.

Benefits of Using a Spa Ozone Generator

We know the drawbacks of saltwater spas, but what exactly are the advantages of using a hot tub or spa ozone generator instead?

  • A natural water purifying solution. You can find ozone in nature already, so you need not worry about it causing any damage to plants or you. Due to its oxidizing properties, ozone is an extremely strong antibacterial water disinfectant. Since it’s only combined with very mild chlorine, it is a much more skin-friendly option compared to chemical sanitizers. It’s also important to note the difference in smell. Chemical sanitizers have a distinct, strong chemical smell. Contrastly, ozone has little smell at all. Ozone paired with antimicrobial minerals equals less chlorine than a saltwater system–without the downsides of corrosive salt and expensive cell replacements.
  • A long-term cleaning effect. When you use only chemicals to clean your spa or hot tub, you can go ahead and schedule out time to clean the water every 3-4 months. Ozone generators will prolong the water changing frequency by a factor of nearly 3. This means that by using an ozone generator in your spa, you’ll only have to change the water once a year. This will save you quite a bit of water, money, and time!
  • Cost-effective. Ozone generators last for about 5 years and the replacement is simple and inexpensive. After the 5 years are up, your replacement will only cost you $125.

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