How to Prep Your Spa for Spring


Depending on your location, March may be the time to start thinking about the warmer weather right around the corner. Just like your yard and your home, your spa needs a little sprucing up to prepare for spring fun.

Starting Hot Tub Spring Cleaning

Whether you enjoyed your spa during the winter months or left it dormant these simple steps are designed to ensure that your hot tub experience is relaxing, fun, and enjoyable for the months to come. To start, clean around your tub to ensure you have a clean space to work in. Materials such as leaves, twigs, and dirt should be swept away before you start cleaning.

If you haven’t drained your hot tub during the winter, now is a great time to do it and give your spa a good flush. If you are plan to use your hot tub regularly, most experts will recommend flushing and draining seasonally. Flushing prior to draining your spa will assist in eliminating bacteria build-up in the pipes that will result in water balancing issues.

A Thorough Tub Cleaning and Check Filters

Proper maintenance and replacement of your filters when necessary is vital to ensuring your spa’s performance, health, and long life.

To clean your spa filters, either hose them down or soak them in a cleaning solution. With proper care, they provide crystal-clear spa water for four to six years.

Filter replacement and maintenance schedules will vary. Some factors include:

  • How frequently you use your spa
  • How many people regularly use it

The more contaminants that are introduced to the water, the more buildup a filter will collect. To keep your spa running efficiently, consider calendaring your deep cleanings, inspections, and spa-drainage days according to usage over a 12-month period.

Anytime you remove your filters for cleaning, be sure to inspect them for signs of wear, tear, and cracking. Give special attention to any possible damage as filters get closer to the end of their life expectancy.

Getting the Proper Chemical Balance

Now that your spa is clean, it’s time to refill it and ensure that it’s running properly. Run through the various components making sure everything is working correctly.

Understanding the chemistry behind your spa’s cleanliness can be intimidating at first, but it really only comes down to understanding three basic concepts: alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer levels.

Alkalinity levels

The alkalinity of your water measures its capacity to neutralize the acids within the water. You can easily test the alkalinity levels in your spa by dipping a test strip into the hot water. Ideally, your hot tub should fall in the range between 80 and 120 parts per million. If your water is above or below this range, you can then increase or decrease accordingly using alkalinity-specific chemicals. Bringing your spa’s water to the correct alkalinity level will help you maintain the pH and sanitizer levels of your spa as well.

pH levels

The pH balance of your spa measures the water’s acidity. A high pH level indicates more acidic water while a low level indicates basic water. You can test your spa’s pH level with a simple test strip and use Nature’s Choice pH Up or pH Down to bring the pH level back to the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6. An acidity level that is too high often causes irritation to eyes and can wear your spa’s mechanical components faster, while overly basic water can cause cloudiness and reduce the effectiveness of your sanitation.

Sanitizer levels

The last component of your spa’s water maintenance is sanitation. The hot water in spas can allow for bacteria growth if not properly sanitized, so this step is critical in keeping your water clear and safe. A test strip will indicate whether you’ll need to add a chemical sanitizer to your spa. If you do need to add a chemical, it’s best to consult spa experts to determine the best type of sanitizer for your water.

The Experts are Here to Help

If you are interested in scheduling maintenance services for your hot tub this spring or have questions about your spa, reach out to the team at Cal Spas of Minnesota. We’re happy to help!