How to Own a Hot Tub in the City

Young women enjoying hot tub on city rooftop

One concern we frequently hear from people considering buying a hot tub in the Twin Cities area is whether they can have one in the city. Many customers think that to own a hot tub you need to have a house in the suburbs with a sprawling lawn. Well, you can put your fears to rest because that is simply not the case.

If you want to own a hot tub in Minneapolis or St. Paul you absolutely can. Here are three things to consider on your quest for ultimate relaxation.

Select a Hot Tub That Fits Your Space

Many city dwellers happily give up some of the space they would have in a suburb to be closer to the amenities of a bustling metropolis. Being closer to nightlife, music and entertainment, and a wide variety of restaurant options doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxury of going home after a long day and enjoying a warm soak.

Hot tubs are available in a wide variety of size and shape configurations to fit your lifestyle, aesthetic, and space needs. At Cal Spas, we have a whole line of small hot tubs that seat 2 or 3 people that can fit in nearly any backyard, deck or patio, or even on a balcony or rooftop.

Hot Tub Installation Considerations

When deciding where and how to install your hot tub you’ll need to consider ventilation and draining requirements, among other things. One hot tub perk is that they only need draining and refilling around twice a year and can be filled with a simple garden hose, making them all the more flexible for those with smaller spaces.

A hot tub sales representative can discuss your space considerations with you and help determine your best option. 

You can learn more about what you should consider for your hot tub installation in our previous blog!

HOA/Condo Association Permission for Your Hot Tub

If you live in a condo or home that falls under the management of an HOA (homeowners association), you’ll need to get their approval for your hot tub. Start by checking your HOA rules to see if they say anything about hot tubs or any specific rules about size or where you can install one.

Your association will likely have some questions for you and want to see paperwork such as a quote from your insurance provider for coverage. 

Buy a Hot Tub in Minneapolis

Don’t fall for the myth that you need tons of space for a hot tub — even people living in the heart of Minneapolis can own a hot tub and enjoy all the health benefits of a spa!

Reach out to one of our Cal Spas sales reps for more information, or visit one of our Twin Cities show rooms.