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A Specially formulated chemicals for all water conditions

Why Our Chemicals

Did You Know…

Most spa chemicals are formulated for average water conditions…

Natures Choice Spa Chemicals are specially formulated for the extreme water conditions found in most of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Protect Your Spa Investment with more concentrated chemicals.


Did you know that the use of some commonly available internet, pool store and big box spa chemicals can ruin your spas components and void its factory warranty.

It’s True!

In fact, almost every spa manufacturer is so concerned with poor quality spa chemicals that they place warnings and disclaimers in the fine print of their owner’s manuals and written warranties.

Natures Choice

Our brand spa chemicals are exclusively formulated for all spa brands.  By using your Natures Choice chemicals, you allow your Cal Spas dealer to more expertly answer all of your water care questions and solve any problems, making your spa experience as relaxing as possible!

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